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Silver and Brass Alphorn - "Narwhal" Variant

Crafted in the scenic landscapes of Carson City, Nevada, the "Narwhal" variant of the Silver and Brass alphorn is a symphony of innovation and tradition. This exquisite model features an advanced internal structure made from lightweight carbon fiber, providing superior resonance and durability. Externally, the alphorn is meticulously wrapped in hickory, a wood renowned for its striking grain and robustness, enhancing both the instrument's aesthetics and its acoustic properties.

The bell of the alphorn is crafted from birch, a choice that not only complements the hickory's rich tones but also adds a bright, clear projection to its sound. Accent pieces of birch at strategic points add a touch of elegance and ensure a cohesive look. The instrument is divided into three segments, joined by precise connection pieces, allowing for easier transport and adjustment.

Tuned to the key of F, the "Narwhal" offers a warm, deep tonality that is both powerful and soothing, ideal for both solo performances and ensemble play. Whether gracing a concert hall or echoing through the alpine valleys, this alphorn promises to captivate and inspire.

Silver and Brass "Narwhal" #40

SKU: SB 40
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