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Product Name: Redwood Moose
Manufacturer: Made in Carson City, Nevada

  • Main Body: Redwood, crafted in a unique medium size, featuring an innovative octagonal internal shape that transitions into a partially octagonal external form.
  • Bell: The bell is wrapped in birch veneer and micarta, adding both durability and a distinctive aesthetic appeal.
  • Connection Pieces: Employing carbon fiber combined with birch veneer for lightweight strength and seamless assembly.


  • Structure: This three-piece alphorn is designed for ease of transport and adjustment. Its octagonal shaping contributes to the unique tonal quality and projection of the instrument.
  • Visual Appeal: The combination of redwood with the contrasting textures and colors of birch veneer and micarta offers a visually striking instrument that stands out in both craftsmanship and performance.

Musical Key: F
Intended Use: This prototype is designed for both professional musicians and enthusiasts. Its unique build and materials are tailored to offer superior sound quality, making it ideal for performances and recordings.

The "Redwood Moose" alphorn blends traditional craftsmanship with modern materials and design principles, creating an instrument that is both a work of art and a performer's delight.

Silver and Brass "Moose" #33

SKU: SB 33
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