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Redwood Moose Alphorn
Crafted with precision in Carson City, Nevada by Silver and Brass, the "Redwood Moose" is a groundbreaking prototype alphorn that combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. This three-piece alphorn is expertly constructed from redwood, featuring an octagonal internal shape that enhances sound clarity and resonance. The external shape partially mirrors the internal octagon, giving it a distinctive appearance while maintaining ergonomic comfort.

The bell of the alphorn is wrapped with birch veneer and micarta, adding durability and a unique visual texture. Connection pieces are made from a robust combination of carbon fiber and birch veneer, ensuring a secure fit and easy assembly. Tuned to the key of F, this alphorn delivers rich, deep tones ideal for both solo performances and ensemble play.

The "Redwood Moose" is not just an instrument but a piece of art, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail and passion for music that Silver and Brass are known for.

Silver and Brass #28

SKU: SB 28
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